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>How to add emoticons in your Blogger blog posts

by Dragos Schiopu

After searching for a solution to add emoticons (Yahoo! style emoticons) in my posts, I’ve found an article here that presents a nice javascript capable to add emoticons in any post from my blog. ­čÖé
You also can add emoticons in your blog posts followind the steps described below:
Step 1: Go to your Blogger account, in Layout -> Edit HTML
Step 2: Add the following javascript file in template’s head section. You can insert it just after the <head> tag or right before the </head> tag.

<script src="" 
type="text/javascript" />

IMPORTANT! I suggest you download the javascript file (right click here and select Save target as/Save link as) and host it somewhere else; that file ( can be deleted or someone can include malicious code in it!


CODE (with no spaces) EMOTICON
: ) ­čÖé
: D ­čśÇ
= ) ) =))

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