Acasa Tehnologie Windows Phone – Best OS of the year

Windows Phone – Best OS of the year

by Dragos Schiopu

Noul sistem de operare de la Microsoft, Windows Phone, a fost votat de către juriul Know Your Mobile drept cel mai bun sistem de operare al anului. Windows Phone a reușit să atragă atenția tuturor prin interfața sa Metro, tile-urile din ecranul de start și, mai nou, prezența sa pe telefoanele Nokia.

Câteva comentarii ale celor din juriu:

‘It has the most potential, with a unique interface and a rapidly growing apps selection. It has a great looking UI and doesn’t look like Android or iOS.’

‘A massive move from the previous OS. Huge growth in apps and the system looks heaps better than the competition.’

‘Innovative interface, with more success to come.’

‘A refreshing OS that doesn’t try and copy other operating systems. Has attracted a large number of developers too.’

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