Acasa Tehnologie Conferința de presă Nokia de la CES 2012

Conferința de presă Nokia de la CES 2012

by Dragos Schiopu


  • „We’ve been increasing R&D.”
  • se vorbeşte despre noile telefoane din familia Asha
  • se anunţă acele ţări unde Nokia creşte
  • „We believe that the industry has shifted from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems.”
  • „We’ve adopted Windows Phone to compete.”
  • de ce WP7 e minunat
  • „It connects you very quickly through IE9. With the Lumia family of products, you get plenty of extras, like Nokia Drive.”
  • „We’ve expanded to countries like Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore and South Korea.”
  • „We’re starting the Lumia 710 sales this week with T-Mobile.” – 49$ la abonament
  • „Across our portfolio, Lumia is aimed at the heart of our new strategy. Needed to engage in this war of ecosystems.”
  • ” Lumia: establish a series of beachheads”
  • „All that being said, there is much more we can do in this ecosystem battle.”
  • „We are pleased to introduce the Nokia Lumia 900”
  • Carl Zeiss f/2.2, 28mm camera
  • Designed for the N. American consumer, it’s available in Black and Cyan and rich in media experience.
  • 4.3″ Clear back display, like the other Lumia devices.
  • 1830mAh battery. Should be good for a day’s use.
  • „At first glance, it looks sleek and progressive on the outside, and fits beautifully in your hand.”
  • Front camera, too, for self portraits and video calling in addition to the rear Carl Zeiss shooter.
  • „We knew that with its 1.4GHz processor on AT&T’s LTE network, that we had an opportunity to build a special content experience.”
  • 4.3-inch, clear black AMOLED display.
  • It reduces glare to produce better colors and images on the display
  • Beautiful design, polycarbonate. The color is in the material, not painted on the outside. Super strong structure without having to add metal parts that might detract from its performance.
  • „We don’t bulk order parts. That’s why you’ll find Carl Zeiss optics on Lumia phones.”
  • f/2.2 wide aperture – wide angle lens – 28 mm
  • With the wide angle shots, you’ll get better shots from close up without cropping out friends/subjects.
  • The front facing camera also has a wide angle lens, too.
  • People Hub integrates all your social networks into the Lumia 900
  • Groups allow you to group them and see live tiles to see what they’re up to in real time.
  • Nokia Drive makes the Nokia Lumia series unlike any other WP7 devices. 3D maps and landscape view for the car.
  • Conectivitate LTE. Disponibil exclusiv pe AT&T
  • Ballmer on stage
  • „Reactions to Windows Phone 7.5 – reviews have been fantastic. The focus has been eliminating friction between people and information most relevant to you via Metro UI.”
  • „We have about 50,000 apps in our marketplace, and it’s growing tremendously every day.”
  • „We didn’t sign a contract to work together until less than a year ago with Nokia.”
  • „4G LTE is absolutely critical at this stage for the U.S. and North American market.”
  • „The design, touch, and love and mmmmm, and feel…”
  • „The Lumia 900 represents another incredibly important milestone”
  • „The partnership with AT&T is critical to us. It has sold more Windows Phones than anybody else.”
  • Ralph de la Vega: „We’re long time partners with Nokia. There is a terrific future and Nokia will be back in the U.S. in a very big way.”
  • Elop: „We’re going after this market aggressively.”
  • nu se precizează când va fi disponibil în magazine şi nici preţul
  • Q&A: „How do you differentiate without fragmenting the ecosystem?”
    Elop: „Our principle competition is the other ecosystems at this point. We try to differentiate and strike a balance – provide unique experience but not fracture the ecosystem.”
  • „We’re taking the Lumia line broadly across other regions. Broad coverage with the Lumia portfolio is our goal. 2012 is when that is going to happen.”
  • Q&A: „Where is the content for Nokia Drive coming from?”
    Elop: „Nokia acquired Navteq a few years ago. The short answer is Navteq, and we own it.”
  • Q&A: „Nokia wouldn’t enter the tablet market unless it was uniquely Nokia, can you explain what that means?”
    Elop: ” It’s similar to smartphones. We need to look at differentiation. If we believe we have a combination of attributes that differentiate us from others, whether tablets or elsewhere, then we’ll look at it.”
  • Q&A: „Are you concerned about battery life with LTE and hardware performance?”
    Elop: „Windows Phone demonstrates a rich experience, but it’s not requiring multiple cores to do that. The vast majority of time, multiple cores aren’t doing anything on other phones other than taking battery power down. If we can get this message across, hopefully we can get people away from the quad-core and dual-core arguments. You’ll notice the 1800mAh is a significant battery, taking steps and working closely with Microsoft and Qualcomm to balance out power. Our battery performance will be very superior on the LTE network.”
  • Q&A: „Why no NFC?”
    Elop: „Nokia has pioneered NFC devices, but we had to make priority decisions. What would make a big impact on consumers? NFC is growing over time, and it’s something I personally believe in.”
  • Q&A: „Any interest in purchasing or pursuing RIM?”
    Elop: „We do see an opportunity in B2B space, but no real comment on that.”


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