Acasa Tehnologie Detalii despre Windows Phone 8

Detalii despre Windows Phone 8

by Dragos Schiopu

Aflăm câteva impresii despre Windows Phone 8 rulând pe un Lumia 900 de la un utilizator de pe internet:

  • From a developers stand point it’s horrible, apps will have to be rewritten to take advantage of new APIs.
  • There’s a huge cloud push too! From an end users perspective, there’s a lot of nice touches here & there. It looks mostly unchanged. But there’s a few subtle & welcomed UI changes.
  • No file explorer or browser downloads implemented yet. But that could change. I was on an early release.
  • BT file transfer & USB storage to be added on latter build.
  • Oh WP8 browser renders incredibly fast!!!!
  • I was using an early release. Multitasking was the same. No file management or browser downloads either. Hopefully it makes it.
  • I loved it. Animations are incredibly fast. Keyboard spelling is a lot more flexible.
  • Appears to be fast organized app switching. Kinda like iOS. Doesn’t actually multitask like android or Symbian. Yet.
  • Clicking on app tiles, some apps reload. Some continue where you last left off.
  • Roast (tile :P) & toast notifications seem untouched.

Deși este o versiune în plină dezvoltare, aflăm că Windows Phone 8 este extrem de rapid, are un browser ce se încarcă foarte repede, va suporta transferuri de fișiere prin BT și USB storage, animații mai rapide, acelasi multitasking ca la WP7.


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